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My name is Julian Dobko and I am a Canadian Golf Instructor. I started playing this game 19 years ago when I was 9 years old. Back then I wasn't much of a player, but I was told by several people "I wish I had started playing when I was your age", so I took their advice and continued playing and over time my game improved. At the age of 14, I won the Junior Club Championship at Sunset Ranch in Kelowna, from then on I was hooked. I won my club championship 2 more times when I was 16 and 17. At 18 I took a year off to travel the world, and by the time I got home I realized how much I missed the game.

In June, 2011, I decided to join the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation, what better way to respect the game than to pass off my knowledge to those who are eager to learn as well. Having played golf for so many years, I thought it was my duty to give something back to a game that continuously gives me so much. I consider myself an ambassador to this wonderful game, and alongside my efforts with Hole 72, I will be helping grow the game to anyone who is eager to learn this life long sport.

My passion for travel has stayed with me and so has my passion to help others. Having lost 2 friends to mental illness and knowing that thousands more suffer I wanted to do something about it. This is how Hole 72 started. In June of 2014, I travelled to Iceland and played 72 holes of golf at the Kidjaberg Golf course in Selfoss. It took me just over 13 hours to complete. I walked 34 km, parred 29 holes and birdied 3. I did all of this to raise money for those who suffer from mental illness in Canada. Equally as important, I did it to help end the stigma that surrounds the disease.

I was only planning on this being a one time thing, however, many people encouraged me to make it an annual event. And now by having my family, friends, and many others by my side including my work, One Under Urban Golf Club, I will be teeing up for the third time next year to play 72 straight holes of golf at the Howick Golf Club in Auckland, New Zealand. Hole 72 has become bigger than I ever thought imaginable, I am so grateful this beautiful game has given me the opportunity to help out those who need our assistance more then ever. Please follow my journey


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Your generous gift supports the Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division in its mission to promote mental health and to help those with mental illnesses, while keeping their costs low. As the nation-wide leader and champion for mental health, CMHA facilitates access to the resources people require to maintain and improve mental health and community integration, build resilience, and support recovery from mental illness.

CMHA branches across Canada provide a wide range of innovative services and supports to people who are experiencing mental illness and their families. These services are tailored to the needs and resources of the communities where they are based. One of the core goals of these services is to help people with mental illness develop the personal tools to lead meaningful and productive lives.

Services are designed to help people:

CMHABC’s programs assist with employment, housing, early intervention for youth, peer support, recreation services for people with mental illness, stress reduction workshops and public education campaigns for the community.

In addition, CMHABC acts as a social advocate to encourage public action and commitment to strengthening community mental health services and legislation and policies affecting services. All their mental health projects are based on principles of empowerment, peer and family support, participation in decision-making, citizenship, and inclusion in community life.



Hole 72 in Auckland, New Zealand!

The 3rd annual Hole 72 event has been completed. We are so grateful to the Howick Golf Club and for the warm embrace we felt from the people of New Zealand. The training and preperation we did really paied off. The weather was hotter than we have ever experienced, its amazing how the body and mind can react when you push yourself. Our team of 2 walked over 43 km, parred 35 holes, birdied 14, and once again had an eagle.

Hole 72 in Anchorage, Alaska!

Anchorage is complete! And what a wonderful experience it was for the Hole 72 team. We walked a total of 50km during our 17 hour adventure and raised $2200 towards Mental Health programs at the CMHABC. We also managed to break a new record with 26 birdies and 1 eagle! Special thanks to Jake Riordan, Dustin Regimbal, Kim Brooks and Shauna Kormendy for your outstanding support on this trip! Next up, Tasmania Feb 1, 2016!

Second Annual Hole 72 Fundraiser

This years fundraiser was a huge success! Thank you to all that attended, contributed, donated and sponsored! Looking forward to next years fundraiser!

Hole 72 would like to thank its sponsors for this event:


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